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Let Us Bring Your Project To Life

Internationally-renowned Stormwater Management Experts
Staff has over 50 years of industry experience and has published in the stormwater management field. The application of expertise to our GREEN stormwater management technology provides cutting-edge solutions for water management.

Uniquely qualified management team
STE combines seasoned experience with innovative ideas to provide fresh, ambitious, and technically sound designs.

Proven New Technologies
STE has unique research and development capabilities that are used to solve integrated water use problems.

Pollution control media
Developed by STE, pollution control media has several applications from on-site wasterwater treatment and green roofs to retention ponds. Our media, which consists of natural soils and recycled materials, will treat your wastewater and stormwater to help you meet TMDL standards.

Integrated irrigation system
STE will be able to design your cisterns and irrigation system to accommodate all of your irrigation needs! Our system will allow you to harvest stormwater and gray water sources for irrigation purposes, which translates to a reduced dependence on municipal water supply!

Unique method for land use
Our designers will work with you to determine how to most efficiently maximize your land value! Since STE solutions reduce or eliminate the need for more expensive ponds, it will enable you to use this valuable land for other profit-maximizing purposes.


Let STE help you...

  • Increase your revenue through maximized land use
  • Increase the value of your land
  • Decrease your costs
  • Improve the aesthetic appeal of your building