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Design Stormwater As Integrated Water Systems

Working with owners, architects, engineers, or landscape architects, the staff at STE specify solutions for water management and develop cost estimates. Concept drawings and layouts result. Many other interactions also occur, such as, permit applications, and sub consultant and trade supervision.
Pollution Control Media

There are various mixes for pollution control materials that are best applied for different objectives, such as, phosphorus control, sediment control, acid neutralization, water retention, and nitrogen control. Our products have been used for green roofs, retention ponds, on-site sewage treatment, and as a sub base for pervious materials. We will work with mixing plants to provide, under our supervision, the mix for the particular objective. In addition, we can provide chemicals such as alum or polymer that can improve the pollution control performance. Click here for specifications.

Pollution Control Media List

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We can help provide documentation of the effectiveness of the green roofs or other pollution control system as a condition of a permit. We write a sampling plan and conduct sampling to document the effectiveness.
Integrated water systems are simulated to provide design and operational aspects for water storage and reuse.

Short courses of one day duration are now available. Each is tailored to the needs of the attendees. For an example of the diversity of presentations, please click here for a pet waste video.

Specially trained staff provides certification and maintenance of installed systems. Examples include permit re-certification for pervious pavements, greenroof maintenance and irrigation system performance.



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